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Boonie Bears Town to be Unveiled Next Summer in Linhai City to Boost Entertainment and Tourism Industries

From:      Date:2022-08-16      Views:130789

An investment conference was held recently in the city of Linhai for the first Boonie Bears Town in China. The new theme park is expected to be unveiled next summer. Local government officials, representatives from Fantawild and other renowned companies, personnel from industry associations, as well as many reporters attended the event to witness a ceremony to promote investment for the new project.

This new amusement park is themed around the popular animation Boonie Bears, and will contain 5 themed zones such as Animation Camp and Animation Carnival. Other zones will included a parent-child playground, water park, and themed hotel. Boonie Bears Town is to be located in the Huiganghu district of Linhai, Zhejiang Province. Expected to cover an area of 165 thousand square meters and with a total investment of 2 billion CNY, it will be a key project which will boost the development of the local entertainment and tourism industry in Linhai. The park will boast over 50 unique indoor and outdoor attractions while also showcasing local culture. The park will also include local snacks, various types of cuisines,as well as recognizable chain bars and shops. These facilities will fulfil the social needs of young people while providing an ideal place for a family day out and one-stop destination which includes entertainment, retail, food and beverage.

The new park endeavors to become a comprehensive tourist destination for holidaymakers and families. It aims to be a local landmark, providing visitors with high-quality and unique new experiences.  

Chen Zuyao, Vice President of Fantawild Holdings Inc., stated that the Boonie Bears Town was the company’s new type of tourist resort, which fully utilizes elements from the Boonie Bears series to create a fantastic animated world within this beautiful city. As a comprehensive vacation destination, complete with shopping and relaxation opportunities, the new park will have positive social and economic effects for the city.

Vice Mayor of Linhai, Lin Min, said in a keynote speech that Fantawild satisfies the needs for social and economic development with its mature business practices, scientific innovation and resource integration. The company combines local culture with advanced technology such as VR, AR, big data, and smart city to develop its first project with the Boonie Bears IP at its core. The new park will help extend the tourism industrial chain in Linhai,and will provided an upgraded service to the city’s entertainment and tourism industry.

The new park is a key project, which is under steady development. When it opens, it will provide guests with a range of high-quality services all in one destination, while also giving a boost to the local economy of the ancient city of Linhai.

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